Expo - April 29, 2018

All Ethnic Weddings, Jewelry, Celebrations & Housewares

All Ethnic Weddings, Jewelry, Celebrations, & Housewares Expo, Aprilo 29th, 2018 

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All Ethnic Wedding gifts & Housewares

It doesn't matter if your event is big, small or in between, if there is big, or little budget, there will always be an expert that can give you a great advise. Come to the annual expo don't miss this great opportunity of meeting in person and face to face with the best and most knowledgeable professionals in ethnic events, of all types of cultures. They have the experience in these diverse multicultural ethnic market that communicates, feels, and identifies differently.

Advisors will not only speak your language at the event but will also understand your event and your traditions, will get and feel the idea of the event you are trying to organize.

The chefs, caterers, musicians and DJs of different languages. Entertainers, choreographers, photographers and videographers that will get to where you are!

The ethnic makeup expert, hairdressers, dressmakers, that will follow you anywhere across the country!

Come join us at the Expo and let us bring the Ethnic Wedding or Celebration of your dreams to life!

There will be gifts, raffles, wine and food tastings, and lots of fun!

Beautiful Ethnic Jewelry for your special day!

Decorators that preserve the cultural style of your event according to your traditions!

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Caterings & Ethnic Menus

Ethnic Celebrations

Some of the most common ethnic events celebrated with different rituals depending on the culture are:  Weddings, Bachelors party, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Cultural holidays,  Baptisms, Baby showers, Quinceañeras, Graduations and achievements, Funerals, and more...

Experts in planning these type of events for different ethnicities will be here.

Come join us and meet the wedding and event planners, cake bakers, and caterers (that know how to give the flavor of the traditional authentic cuisine of your country), they are from different nationalities, and they will transform your event and will make it really easy.

You will find the expert that will take your wedding or celebration preparations off your shoulders but never out of your hands.
That starts with a personal consultation where they will get to know the two of – your style, your stories. Then it is combined meticulously with planning and with impeccable attention to detail to plan the wedding or celebration of your dreams. Which leaves you free to relax and enjoy the most important day of your lives.

Got another celebration you need help planning? They do those, too!

Your list of wedding gifts with the kind of ethnic housewares items and the set of cookware that you use and like!

We look forward to seeing you at the All Ethnic Weddings, Jewelry, Celebrations and Housewares Expo!

All Ethnic Celebrations

Our language, our traditions, our celebrations, our religions, our values are different and our events are differents!
This is for all the people that love their culture and other cultures and that celebrate, love and enjoy life!

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